New Year’s Resolutions For ASD Parents

The only list that you really need!

Every New Years eve, most people write down a long list of goals and resolutions that most of the times they only pursue for a couple of months and then end up quitting and leaving behind.

Things like losing weight, saving money and traveling more are amazing ideas, but today we want to share “The List” of resolutions that you would really, really want to pursue as an ASD parent! Are you ready?


5 New Years Resolutions for ASD Parents

1. Be Patient: As a parent (not even to mention ASD parent) it is easy to lose our temper and feel stressed out when kids are yelling around or are misbehaving. However, one of the best things that we (as parents) should practice more is patience. Not only for our children, but for ourselves, so every time that you feel that you are about to lose you mind, ask yourself what is really bothering you. Many times it is not one thing that makes us explode, but a number of small things that get us boiling and we end up bursting. A good technique to avoid this is learning to identify stress triggers and taking time to relax and breathe way before we are about to explode. 


2. Ask For Help: As parents, we are used to solve everyones needs but ourselves. So after a while, its easy to feel overwhelmed, extremely tired, and (many times) still taking on more responsibilities than we have. Remember, you are not alone and there is always someone willing to help. So, if you are feeling tired, or just down, speak up, ask for help and let people have your back. Not only you will feel relieved, but also supported and most importantly loved.


3. Enjoy The Present: Most of us have a tendency to think way into the future, we want to be responsible and prepared for it but many times what happens is that we lose the most important thing that we have, the present. It is easy to fall into the trap of wishing for a better future, but don’t let that take away the beautiful moments that you are living with your children right now. Remember, just for today, be present, be here, and enjoy what you have now.


4. Have Grace For Yourself: Parenting is one  the most selfless things, and parenting an autistic child takes things to another level. As a mom or dad it is easy to focus on your kids and put yourself in a second place. Another important resolution for a parent should be learning to have grace for ourselves too! Many times we want to know everything and we have a tendency to blame ourselves if things are not perfect for our kids. But remember, you are doing your best and that deserves to be celebrated! Love yourself, and overall have grace for yourself too! If you feel tired, rest, buy yourself flowers, enjoy a piece of chocolate, do something that makes you feel pampered and loved today!


5. Celebrate Each Step Of The Way: Having an autistic child teaches you to celebrate every accomplishment in life. Each little step, each new word, and even a new movement reminds you how blessed you are to have your child with you. Another important thing is learning to take this ability for ourselves too! Celebrate every time you dot lose your temper, every time you don’t feel overwhelmed by situations that used to make you feel that way, or even every time that you as a mom learn a new thing about your child. Life is too beautiful to not be celebrated, and you, the parents, deserve all the love, respect, and admiration in the world! Remember, you are not alone and all your hard work will be worth it! 


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