Stem Cell Therapy For Autism

Lecture At Autism Education Summit 2016


In this lecture you will learn:

What are stem cells?

You've heard the term but, do you really know what they are and what they can do for you and your family? Dr. E shares more about the different kinds of stem cells, what stem cell therapy is and what it is not.

You will learn how stem cell therapy helps patients with autism reach their next developmental milestones. You'll understand why it works the way it works and what are the simple things you need to do afterwards to maximize the results.

What do stem cells have to do with Autism?

How to choose a stem cell clinic?

What are the things that you must absolutely ask of any clinic you are considering? What are the red flags to avoid?

These and other tips are shared in the final third of Dr E's lecture.

Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez

Dr Ernesto Gutierrez, MD

Dr E. is a physician by training and an educator by choice. His passion about sharing the macro and microscopic wonders of the human body is rare amongst physicians and health professionals. He believes that in today's age, the only way for patients to adhere to a treatment plan is if they fully understand what's happening with their bodies and work together with their physicians to treat it.

He serves as Chief Medical Officer at World Stem Cells Clinic, a position he's held since 2013. His passion towards the development of novel therapeutic approaches to treat previously untreatable conditions has driven the clinic’s team to develop a unique, safe and highly effective Advanced Stem Cell Therapy for Autism which has already changed the lives of hundreds of autistic patients and their families.

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