1 - Interview

We want to learn everything about your son or daughter. From you. Spend as much time as you (and our doctors) need in order to share everything about your child. From his family history, prenatal care, delivery, birth and development.

The treatment we are proposing will be fully explained by our doctors at this time and you will have as much time as you need to ask any question you might still have.


2 - Treatment

Days 1 and 2 involve full medical checkup, planning and gathering of baseline labs.

Day 3 involves stem cells harvesting and reinfusions.

On day 4 there's additional stem cell reinfusions as well as an early stimulation session.

On day 5 all the medical information is explained, handed back to you and your child is discharged.


3 - Follow up

You are the hero of your child's journey.

Our therapy will help by healing some of the underlying gut and brain damage but it is everything that you do afterwards that will determine the extent of the improvement. That's why we continue working with you and your practitioner for a year after the therapy.

Our objective is to empower you to achieve the best result from it.