Our MISSION is to provide:

  1. Patient management services that provide the highest quality care and healthcare options, at an affordable cost.
  2. Accurate documentation of all procedures to further medical understanding.
  3. Education to patients on the potential, success and failures of stem cell therapies in an honest and forthright manner.
  4. Increased quality, effectiveness and medical acceptance of regenerative medical stem cell treatments.

Our guidelines for Cellular Safety

OBJECTIVES: To provide education, oversight and best practices to assure patient safety, ethical conduct and effective treatment. To provide clinical and laboratory guidelines to assure that physicians and clinics worldwide are sharing our best practices to harvest, process and re-implant adult stem cells.

We believe that a well informed patient has the right to choose the appropriate medical therapy. That patients have a right to use their own cells in medical treatments. That peer oversight is critical for the advancement of safe medical procedures.

The Minimum Standards for the Practice of Cell Based Medicine

We consider the following to be the minimum standards for the practice of cell based medicine. We believe that in order to ensure the safety of patients all clinics and practitioners of cell based medicine must comply with the following:

  • That treatment is considered the practice of medicine, or is within the legal and regulatory statutes of the country where the treatment is provided, or approved by the appropriate agencies.
  • That any clinical laboratory that isolates, processes or cultures cells for placement by a physician is accredited and licensed by the competent authorities in their country.
  • That each patient is provided with, understands, agrees to and signs a clear Informed Consent Form, in the patient’s native language, prior to treatment.
  • That each patient is graded as a candidate for this treatment, and provided a copy of this grading prior to treatment.
  • That every physician providing treatments at the facility is a Medical Doctor (M.D. or equivalent degree) certified or eligible for certification by a recognised medical board in the area of treatment provided.
  • That treatments provided to patients are based on outstanding patient care, and that, when appropriate, treatment protocols and outcome guidelines are reviewed and authorised by an Institutional Review Board, and Ethics Board or local equivalent.
  • That no guarantees are made to the patient regarding outcomes, and that all statement regarding outcomes and safety of any treatment are based upon accepted medical knowledge.