Most places simply hire a practitioner to handle and do the stem cell infusions. These practitioners are instructed to just follow a protocol like it was a cooking recipe. We are not most places.

All of our doctors hold MD degrees. Our attending physicians are MAPS trained and knowledgeable in biomedical and complementary therapies as well as all the nutritional and dietary challenges in patients with Autism. We don't just provide stem cell infusions, we deliver a personalized, life-changing therapy.

And we guarantee improvements.

 Ernesto Gutierrez, MD  President

Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
Chief Medical Officer

 Fredy Sansores, MD  Hematology

Dr. Fredy Sansores, MD

 Lucía Ortega, MD  Attending Physician

Dr. Lucía Ortega, MD
Clinical Research

 Antonio Zamudio, QC  Lab Manager

Antonio Zamudio, QC
Lab Manager

As parents, we want a doctor who listens to us without rolling his eyes. We want a doctor who understands that what we most want, is to get our sons back.
— Jennifer M.