Parents want better treatments for their children. They want a doctor who will listen to them without rolling his eyes. They want a kind of medical care where they get to ask questions and get sincere answers.

We have helped hundreds of these parents get their children closer to recovery. And we have a plan for you to do the same.


Quality Healthcare

We define quality of care as the total experience that our patients encounter from their very first contact with us to the follow up we provide long time after your visit. We see every interaction with our patients as an opportunity to share the newest science-based, medical research findings in the fields of stem cell therapies and autism. We believe that having an informed parent –in an effort to empower him and his family– is the only way to for us to deliver optimal healthcare.

Our Goals are to Provide:

  1. The absolute highest quality healthcare available anywhere.
  2. Accurate documentation of all procedures to expand medical understanding.
  3. Education to patients on the potential for improvmeent as well as the limitations of stem cell therapies in an honest and forthright manner.
  4. Increased quality, effectiveness and medical acceptance of regenerative medical stem cell treatments.
  5. Unrivaled patient management services who take care of every non-medical aspect of your trip.

1 - Interview

We want to learn everything about your son or daughter. From you. Spend as much time as you (and our doctors) need in order to share everything about your child. From his family history, prenatal care, delivery, birth and development.

The treatment we are proposing will be fully explained by our doctors at this time and you will have as much time as you need to ask any question you might still have.


2 - Treatment

Days 1 and 2 involve full medical checkup, planning and gathering of baseline labs.

Day 3 involves stem cells harvesting and reinfusions.

On day 4 there's additional stem cell reinfusions as well as an early stimulation session.

On day 5 all the medical information is explained, handed back to you and your child is discharged.


3 - Follow up

You are the hero of your child's journey.

Our therapy will help by healing some of the underlying gut and brain damage but it is everything that you do afterwards that will determine the extent of the improvement. That's why we continue working with you and your practitioner for a year after the therapy.

Our objective is to empower you to achieve the best result from it.


Most places simply hire a practitioner to handle and do the stem cell infusions. These practitioners are instructed to just follow a protocol like it was a cooking recipe. We are not most places.

All of our doctors hold MD degrees. Our attending physicians are MAPS trained and knowledgeable in biomedical and complementary therapies as well as all the nutritional and dietary challenges in patients with Autism. We don't just provide stem cell infusions, we deliver a personalized, life-changing therapy.

And we guarantee improvements.

 Ernesto Gutierrez, MD  President

Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
Chief Medical Officer

 Fredy Sansores, MD  Hematology

Dr. Fredy Sansores, MD

 Lucía Ortega, MD  Attending Physician

Dr. Lucía Ortega, MD
Clinical Research

 Antonio Zamudio, QC  Lab Manager

Antonio Zamudio, QC
Lab Manager

As parents, we want a doctor who listens to us without rolling his eyes. We want a doctor who understands that what we most want, is to get our sons back.
— Jennifer M.

Built exclusively to process and store our patient's cells

Labs of this caliber are usually found inside large research hospitals. You know what else is found inside hospitals? Sick people. People with infectious diseases whose tissues end up in the same lab where other samples are being processed.

Our lab is only used for our patients. This makes our processing much safer since it is virtually impossible for our patient's samples to be contaminated by a sick person's pathogens.

Parents REALLY like that.

Meets the FDA's strict cGTP guidelines.

The cGTP requirements regulate the methods, the facilities and controls used for the manufacture of HCT/Ps (defined as: "articles containing or consisting of human cells or tissues that are intended for implantation, transplantation, infusion, or transfer into a human recipient.") in a way that prevents the introduction, transmission, or spread of communicable diseases by HCT/Ps (§ 1271.150(a)).

Tulum Trade Center

World Stem Cells Clinic is located inside the Tulum Trade Center building in downtown Cancun. Both our laboratory and treatment center are in the same office which allows us to process everything in-house and not have to trasnport samples across the city.


Medical Office

Every patient is seen here by our medical team. Our exam room is mere steps away from our lab where we process patient's lab tests. As an added benefit, our lab is used exclusively for our patients which –unlike labs inside hospitals–, handles no infectious tissues or samples.


Stem Cell Harvesting

This is the place where our patients' stem cells are harvested and once processed are reinfused. This facility is in the same building as our laboratory and office to ensure safe and speedy cellular processing.

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