You could actually see changes in [my daughter] right away. The next day. Even though she’s non-verbal, the next day at dinner she said: “one more”. That was a big breakthrough. …Not only that, she also became more calm.
— Dina M.

The way the protocol is done with World Stem Cells, it was easier [compared to Panama]. And it was a really great experience. We got to the airport and they greeted us, we had a driver that immediately picked us up. We weren’t trying to figure out where we were supposed to go and how we were supposed to get there.
— Paulette B.

I do want to say that our visit to Mexico and the [World] Stem Cells Clinic and their highly disciplined and user-friendly way of working with my son and my family; really taking care of us. It’s a really good memory. They became our friends.
— Daniel B.

We were taken care of in a way that I could’ve never expected. Our entire family was taken care of and still is taken care of. They’re still following up with us.
— Rebecca H.

On the second day after [the stem cell reinfusions], my son, who couldn’t stand the sand in his feet and was scared of water, looked at me and said: “Ocean”. We went down to the beach and he walked through the sand, into the water. And we stayed there for three hours! Those were the best three hours of my life!
— Gloria G.

Every time I had a question, I could call the clinic, I could ask them something, and they would answer it. They treated me like family; I never felt like I was going to see a doctor, I felt like I was going to see a friend.
— Catherine W.

The team at WSCC is excellent! The doctors are well trained and experienced. The entire staff was very caring and supportive. We felt like we were on vacation!!
— Lalitha I.
Staff and doctors have been very helpful and reassuring to help [my son]. Our time at the clinic and condo have been great. I appreciate everyone and everything the team at WSCC has done.
— Tina C. K.
The staff is extremely friendly and professional. We felt we could ask anything. They are all very prepared and always thought ahead making sure they were ready for any complications. It shows they’ve done this a thousand times.
— Vicky G.