5 Foods That Aggravate Autism

Food has a direct impact on the way we feel and on our health. In Autistic children, food plays a major role in it can directly contribute to the way children think, feel, and behave.

Today we want to share with you the top 5 foods that can make autism worse.

5 Foods That Make Autism Worse

1.- Dairy: Dairy has been found to produce brain fog, spaciness, inability to concentrate. It can cause numbness and even pain. The reason behind this is that when casein (a dairy protein) is mixed with stomach acid it creates exorphines that are responsible for all the brain anomalies.

When autistic children have a dairy-free diet, their talking increases, hyperactivity and inflammation decreases, and bowel problems are reduced considerably.

2.- Gluten:  Gluten affects the cerebellum by causing inflammation and decreasing functioning. Since autistic children have (most of the time) decreased cerebellum activity, consuming gluten aggravates the condition way more.

3.- Corn: Corn comes in the top of the list of the most unhealthy fatty-acid grain. Additionally, in the USA, up to 85% of corn is raised using pesticides that are super harmful to your health. So, unless its organic, avoid giving your children foods with corn in it.

4.- Sugar: We can not emphasize enough how sugar is a total health killer for you and especially for your children. Sugar is addictive, increases brain inflammation, hurts the gut, causes erratic brain cell firing, and has no nutritional benefit what so ever.

Quitting sugar will reduce brain fog, increase brain functionality, improve concentration, and reduce impulsiveness. 

5.- Artificial Sweeteners: While this is not really a food, this is present in many of the things that we consider “healthy” or “Sugar-free”. Artificial sweeteners can damage brain functioning and increase the risk of dementia, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, etc. In children with autism, this can be translated as hyperactivity, insomnia, and glucose intolerance.

Restriction from artificial sweeteners and ingredients can be hard but results will show both in the short and long term. Make an effort to feed your child with a naturally healthy diet and we guarantee you that results will pay off in no time.

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