Autism & Chewing: How To Handle It!

Children on the autism spectrum tend to display chewing behaviors. Whether it is clothes, toys, their hands, and even their hair, chewing seems to be a constant trade in ASD children. Today we will analyze the reasons behind this behavior as well as share with you some suitable ways to ease it! Why Does ASD…

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Postgame Snacks: More Calories Than The Game Itself

Snacks play a big role in our childhood. Almost every celebration includes some sort of candy or cookie.  A new study found that children participating in sports activities such as soccer, football, baseball, and softball often eat more calories in postgame snacks than what they burn during the game. Since most children burn about 170…

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Best Foods For Autistic Children

When it comes to Autism, nutrition determines everything. Autistic signs and behaviors can drastically increase, or worsen if your child’s diet is not adequate. On the other hand, if an ASD child is fed with the right nutrients, autistic behaviors can be radically diminished and even improved. Previously, we have shared the Worst Foods for…

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