Stem Cells For Covid-19: What We Know So Far

During the last decade, Stem Cell Therapy has become a groundbreaking alternative to offer recovery and health improvement for conditions that were previously known as untreatable. Diseases from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, COPD, Lyme disease, Stroke, and even Autism, are now treatable with Stem Cell Therapy. However, Stem Cell Therapy is now taking a bigger step. Current…

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Immune System: 5 Ways To Boost Your Children´s Defense

With the Covid-19 situation, we can not help but wonder what measures we can do to protect our children from it. Of course, hand washing, and staying away from crowds are basics, but when it comes to protecting your children‘s health, preventing, and boosting their defensive mechanisms is a must. Today, we will share with…

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Covid-19: How To Explain it to ASD Children + Quarantine Activities

Since last week, the WHO (World Health Organization) has declared Covid-19 a pandemic. Most states across the US and other countries have declared quarantine and are highly encouraging people to stay at home. This means that most public places like schools, parks, museums, pools, and even public gatherings will be closed or canceled until new…

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