Healthy & Easy Foods Picky Eaters Will Actually Eat

What is the best food for autistic children? How can I manage to feed my son with sensory issues? These are the two questions that we get the most. 

For most parents on the spectrum, finding the right meals for picky eaters can be a challenge, however, it is possible to identify which new foods they might be most inclined to accept.

Today we will share some tips to help you ease the task!

Selecting New Foods for Picky Eaters

While we can’t tell you which foods specifically a picky eater will eat, we can share a few ideas that tend to go over well. You’ll find those below. Beyond that, we encourage you to consider the answer that we more often share: what does your child like to eat? By looking at your child’s current preferences, you can identify which new foods they might be most inclined to accept.

Keep it Simple: Mixed foods are usually harder for children on the spectrum, keep it as simple as possible.

Be Careful with Textures: Pay attention to the textures that your child likes. If he likes crackers keep it crunchy, if he likes bread go for soft textures.

Think about Flavor: If your child likes a particular kind of flavor, try maintaining it but with a different presentation. Example: try crispy fish instead of chicken nuggets. 

Make small Transitions: Simple transitions are positive for children on the spectrum. Try cutting veggies in a different way, or simply present fruits in a bowl instead of a plate. 

Healthy & Easy Foods Picky Eaters Will Actually Eat

Crisp Bacon: Children that love crispy consistencies usually enjoy bacon. Another good choice can be crispy salami, for it is a good protein source that is easy to chew.

Frozen Fruit: For children with sensory issues, frozen fruit can be a good idea. Try frozen grapes, mango and bananas. 

Crispy Chickpeas: Crispy beans – either packaged or baked at home – are great options for kids who love crunchy salty snack foods like crackers, chips, and pretzels. With more protein and fiber, they’re a healthier alternative and a great first step to transitioning to beans on their own

Beef Jerky: Same as bacon, a great source of chewable protein.

Taco Bar: Deconstruct taco night by serving your usual taco ingredients in separate bowls. 

Apple Chips: Chewi apple chips are great for children that have a hard time eating fruit and love crispy consistencies. 

Nuts: Nuts are a great option for crunch lovers, packed with healthy fats, protein, and fiber. Note that they’re typically not recommended for children under 3 years old.

Banana Ice Cream: Frozen blended bananas that turn into soft ice cream. Try adding different topics. 

Smoothies: Another incredible option for children that don’t enjoy eating fruits.

Quesadillas: Quesadillas are a perfect meal to induce other ingredients. You can fill them with meat, chicken, veggies, guac, hummus, etc. Remember to start small with any additions and let your child know that they’re there. Food surprises don’t usually go over well with very picky eaters.

Baked Parmesan Crisps: Perfect and easy alternative for children with a salty-crunchy-cheesy taste. Just shred parmesan into clumps and bake until the moisture is out. You’ll be left with a nutritious one-ingredient crunchy snack.

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 Remember, you are not alone!