ASD-Friendly Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving is finally here! All the excitement, food, and family gatherings can make these celebrations one of the most anticipated ones of the year.

However, for families on the spectrum, all these schedule changes, new meals, and visits can represent a huge challenge. Thankfully, it is possible to have fun and ease these issues, and today we will share a few tips to make this event ASD-Friendly!


For children on the spectrum, preparation is everything. Try rehearsing the activities that will be taking place in the house. Making a photo album of the family members that will be visiting is another great idea to make unknown faces familiar.

If possible make visuals to help your child have a better picture of what he/she will face.

Prepare Your Family 

This point is equally important as the previous one. Inform your family about your childs condition, diet, sensory issues, and even behavioral challenges. If your child doesnt like affection (Hugs, kisses, etc), inform your family members so they wont take it personally. Additionally, warn them about candies and other things that are restricted from your childs diet.

Skip Turkey 

Thanksgiving meals can be filled with lots of stuff that your child might not normally eat or like (sugar, lactose, and gluten). So, instead of forcing your child to try new things (and risking for a meltdown) make sure to provide him/her with things that are normally eaten. Take into consideration that he/she is dealing with a lot so give him/her grace in this area.

Sit Your Child At The End Of The Table 

Making your child sit at the end or corner of the table will enable him/her to move more, due to the extra space. Additionally, this will skip him/her from being in the middle of the table, where food is normally located and can represent a sensory issue due to new smells, and lots of noises.

Have Grace For Your Child and For Yourself

Tips and recommendations always look easier written, but implementing them can be hard. Remember that this is a moment to enjoy yourself with your family and loved ones. If your child is giving you a hard time, it is probably because they are having one. Have grace for your child and remember that this can be an overwhelming moment. Additionally, have grace for yourself, and keep in mind that you are doing your best possible and that, is more than enough!

Dear mom, on this Thanksgiving, we want to say thank you. Thank you for all your efforts, hard work, and passionately pursue to improve your children’s life. We are thankful for you! It is because of people like you that the world is a better, more loving place!

At WSCC, we offer support for autistic families and their children with Stem Cell Therapy treatments that can transform autistic conditions by healing the gut, decreasing inflammation and improving brain function. We also created an autistic community on Facebook that is destined to offer support and companionship for ASD parents and their families on their journey.

 Remember, you are not alone!