Autism and Pets: Get to know all the benefits.

Animals have been a part of the life of humans since the beginning of civilization. In the beginning, they were only used for fieldwork and now they can be even therapeutic.
According to studies from the universities of Missouri and Queensland, animals can be an incredible option when it comes to social therapies and improving relational abilities in ASD children.
For the studies, the Journal of Pediatric Nursing analyzed several ASD families and noticed that almost two-thirds of them owned a dog, and 94% of these families noticed that the child bounded strongly with the pet. 

How animals help ASD children social skills

In many studies and research, it was noticeable that animals helped autistic children development, but surprising results were found after analyzing the difference between ASD children behavior when playing with Toys vs playing with animals.
For the study, researchers took ASD children of ages from 5 to 13 and divided them into groups. One group played exclusively with toys, while the other spent time in a room with 2 hamsters.
The results were outstanding. The children who played with the hamsters showed more sociability and improvement in abilities such as:

  •   Talking
  •   Smiling
  •   Laughing
  •   Looking at faces
  •   And an increase in making physical contact with others 
On the other side, the children who played with toys instead of hamsters were more likely to have negative behaviors such as:
  • Whining
  • Frowning
  • Crying
  • and experiencing negative behaviors.
Further research suggests that animals ranging from dogs, pigs, guinea pigs, and even tarantulas, can be positive therapies for ASD children. Animals can be stress relievers and loyal friends. They also help kids learn responsibility and improve social skills, so dont hesitate and give your child the opportunity to get a new furry friend that can help them grow and feel better.

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