Autism Treatment Breakdown: Stem Cell Therapy

What is it:

Stem Cell Therapy is a novel method of leveraging the body’s own repair mechanism and direct it in order to repair and regenerate specific organs and tissues. It also allows physicians to expand the number of cells normally produced by a healthy individual and concentrate those cells to address the specific areas of concern.

What are the benefits:

Stem cells can address pretty much any affected tissue in the human body and regenerate it by becoming that particular tissue. This is a process that happens every day in our bodies and which allows us to stay on top of the normal wear and tear that our organs and tissues are exposed to.

How does it help individuals with autism:

In autism, stem cell therapy is mainly geared to address issues with the immune system, the neurologic system and the gastrointestinal system.

– It is well known that stem cells can regulate the immune function by secreting specific cytokines (cytokines are substances that allow cells to communicate with other cells) which regulate the expression of inflammatory substances and downregulate the immune system.

– In terms of the gut, stem cells can arrive at specific sites in the gut lining where permeability is an issue and help regenerate the gaps between each of the cells thus preventing the “leakage” of foreign substances (which trigger inflammation) into the bloodstream.

– Inside the central nervous system, stem cells can help the brain regain some of its plasticity by reconnecting specific clusters of neurons and facilitating the “installation” of new behaviors.

How long before we start seeing benefits:

Most patients experience their first changes right away. These early improvements are caused by the different substances secreted by the stem cells which start modulating inflammation right away. Assuming that the patient continues observing his diet and recommendations from his physician, and avoids any new toxic insults, these improvements normally last for a few weeks which is enough time for the stem cells to have repaired specific tissues and created more noticeable changes in attention, focus, and behavioral issues.

It also important to note that one of the most important concepts about stem cell therapy is that it only works in conjunction with other biomedical approaches. You can’t do stem cell therapy and expect to be able to stop everything else that you are currently doing for your child. However, the upside is that you will start seeing much better gains from your current interventions as well. Meaning faster progress in ABA therapy, better and faster detoxing, speedier progress in school, etc.

At World Stem Cell Clinic, we believe that that having an informed parent–in an effort to empower him and his family– is the only way to for us to deliver optimal healthcare. Visit our website to find out more about our services and be a part of an incredible ASD support community. We also provide financing options for families who can’t pay everything upfront and these can be discussed on a per-patient basis after our free evaluation process. You are not alone!