Celebrating Autism Awareness Month

On April 2, we celebrate the World Autism Awareness Day, and with it the Autism Awareness Month. This is a really important season as we get to raise consciousness on Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as to promote acceptance, inclusion, and care.

The Reasons Behind The Autism Ribbon And The Awareness Month

Autism Awareness Month started back in the ’70s. During that time there was little knowledge on the autistic condition and therefore little inclusion. The reason behind spreading awareness was (and it still is) to inform people about the symptomatology of Autism and to build a world of equality, opportunities, and inclusion.

The Autism ribbon (conformed by multiple puzzle pieces) stands in representation of the complexity of individuals on the spectrum lives. It also reflects the diversity of the families affected by this condition and the bright colors represent hope. The main purpose of this is to eradicate stereotypes and stand up for the inclusion of ASD people as contributors to society.

Why Should We Celebrate Autism Awareness Month? 

Celebrating Autism month goes far beyond wearing the ribbon. There are many powerful reasons why we should all celebrate this month:

  • It Raises Awareness: It ensures that the population knows about Autism and its symptomatology. It also creates an understanding of specific behaviors, as well as respect for ASD individuals.
  • It Stands For Those Who Cant: Autism Awareness seeks to give a voice and a place to Autistic people that want to be heard and understood. As they tell their stories it opens up peoples understanding and comprehension.
  • It Opens Opportunities: Another reason to celebrate this month is due to the fact that as awareness increases, inclusion increases, and people with ASD can have opportunities to succeed as most people do. Autistic friendly jobs are being opened, classes are becoming inclusive, and even attractions are being designed for ASD individuals to enjoy (such as Disney Fast passes or Special theater plays designed to be Autistic friendly).
  • It Acknowledges Families: Taking care of a person with Autism can be exhausting for family members and caregivers that passionately do this every day. Simple words of affirmation and understanding of their challenges and daily commitment can make the whole difference for it creates understanding and empathy.

Celebrating Autism Awareness Month 

Now that you know all of the reasons why we should all celebrate Autism Awareness Month, we want to share some ideas of how can you actively contribute to this worldwide celebration:

  • Social Media:  Using our social media influence can make a huge difference. By sharing Autism related posts or Autism Awareness Month articles or topics, it can create an atmosphere of inclusion and understanding.
  • Volunteering: Although most people fear to volunteer due to the fact that it can represent taking care of ASD people, in many events, this is not the case. During Autism Awareness Month, many events are being hosted at schools or conference centers to spread ASD awareness. This represents the need for volunteers for hosting events, inviting people, or even for general organization. Whatever the situation your help is really valuable even if its just to provide moral support and encouragement.
  • Attending Events: As mentioned above, during ASD month, many conferences are held to spread awareness and to give autistic individuals a stage to be heard. If it is possible for you, we highly encourage you to attend events and invite people around you to do the same. Autistic individuals have incredible stories to tell, and they deserve to be heard.
  • Donating: Most Autistic organizations are non-profit, meaning that they rely on support to survive. Remember, even a couple of dollars can make a huge difference when it comes to helping non-profits, and those dollars can help to change the life of an ASD person in need of physical therapy.
Autistic people face challenges, that most people will never experience, in unsuitable education styles, inadequate facilities, and even lack of support from society. Let’s build a better world where inclusion, awareness, empathy, and opportunities are given to all individuals equally. Our Autistic children have many things to say, let’s make their voices louder for all of the world to hear!

At WSCC, we offer support for autistic families and their children with stem cell therapy treatments that can transform autistic conditions by healing the gut, decreasing inflammation and improving brain function. We also created an autistic community on Facebook that is destined to offer support and companionship for ASD parents and their families on their journey.
Remember, you are not alone!