Choosing The Best Clinic For SCT

Choosing the right Stem Cell Clinic can represent a big challenge. We wonder about the regulations, certifications, authenticity, and overall safety of the procedures because at the end of the day they will treat our most valuable asset, our children. 

Today, we will discuss the implications, benefits, and requirements to travel to Mexico for Stem Cell Therapy.

Traveling Abroad to Receive Treatment

Medical tourism has been growing dramatically during the last decade. Every year, the traveling rate increases by 15-25%, and just in Mexico, more than 1.2 million patients were received last year.

The main reason why people are traveling abroad to receive therapy is due to the fact that patients can get the same therapy, done under the same regulations, the same medical equipment, and sometimes even the same medical team, at a way more affordable price.

However, there are many things that you should consider before traveling anywhere to get Stem Cell Therapy.

Is It Really Safe to Travel Out Of the States to Get My Child  Treated? 

The answer is; it depends. It depends on the clinic that you are going to, depends on their staff, depends on the therapy.

We have heard lots of stories of people that successfully got their child treated in India and some other horrifying stories of people that traveled to Panama and saw no major results. 

In both cases, there are many things that will determine the success rate, and that you should consider before getting your child treated not only in places abroad but also in the USA.

What Should I Look For In Stem Cell Therapy Clinics?

The following requirements are the basic characteristics that you should consider before traveling anywhere for medical procedures:

  • Certifications and Regulations: Is the clinic legal? Is the treatment legal in the country that you are visiting?  Make sure that the clinic meets all the official requirements to operate in its country. 
  • Medical Staff: This is a basic point that unfortunately, many “clinics” don’t meet. Ask for the medical credentials of the staff that works in the clinic. Many times we hear crazy stories of uncertified “professionals” treating children with terrible results. Also,  make sure that they have the “right” credentials to perform Stem Cell Therapy. If the physician is not a certified M.D. dont go there! We have heard stories from dentists and chiropractics treating children with SCT. Although they have knowledge of the medical field, this is not their area of expertise and therefore you should not go there.  
  • Facilities: Before traveling, ask for live videos of their offices and facilities, look for the overall area, and make sure that you are visiting a legitimate clinic/hospital. Another thing to consider is the quality of the equipment that they use to work with. Too often we hear about patients that visited “clinics” with old equipment and doubtful installations. If the place that you are going to, refuses to show you live videos of their facilities, run!
  • Labs: Do they have their own lab or do they do their procedures somewhere else? Confirm that the clinic has its own certified lab. Remember, if it’s a certified/professional hospital they will have their own lab to ensure the maximum safety in their procedures.
  • Attention: Do they offer follow-ups? Did they answer all your questions? Do they speak good English? Are they easy to reach? A good way to measure this is to ask questions and doubts before anything else. If they take forever to answer, or they just dont reply properly or professionally, don’t even bother. 
  • Professionalism: Look for the small details. Will they pick you up from the airport? Do they have a patient coordinator taking care of you? Did they ask for your complete clinical history? All these things are really important when it comes to picking the right clinic/doctor.
  • Testimonials: Another key thing to consider is testimonials. Make sure that you can connect with other parents who have visited the clinic. Dont be afraid to ask even the small details about their experience. This will give your certainty about your desition.
  • Guarantees: What happens if you dont see results? or what would they do if you see any negative reactions? Will they assume their responsibility? Do they offer any guarantees? This is another important detail to keep in mind.
  • Technology: A well-certified clinic will have a world-leading technology and trained and updated professionals that will offer you only the best procedures. Ask for trainings and additional medical actualizations that ensure that they are informed about the latest innovations.
  • Recognition: A world class hospital/clinic would have a presence in the top autistic events in the world. Additionally, they will have strong references of “recognized” voices that will speak for them. If your considered clinic does not meet these requirements, you are not visiting a standout place.
At WSCC, our therapies are done with maximum safety and the higher standard of excellence and professionalism. None of our patients have ever presented major effects and 90% of parents report significant improvements a month after the therapy. It is also important to note that stem cell therapy works better in conjunction with an adequate ASD diet and other biomedical approaches. This will translate in faster progress in ABA therapy, better and faster detoxing, speedier progress in school, decreased autistic behaviors, and overall better health.

At WSCC, we offer support for autistic families and their children with Stem Cell Therapy treatments that can transform autistic conditions by healing the gut, decreasing inflammation and improving brain function. We also created an autistic community on Facebook that is destined to offer support and companionship for ASD parents and their families on their journey.
Remember, you are not alone!