Covid-19: How To Explain it to ASD Children + Quarantine Activities

Since last week, the WHO (World Health Organization) has declared Covid-19 a pandemic.

Most states across the US and other countries have declared quarantine and are highly encouraging people to stay at home.

This means that most public places like schools, parks, museums, pools, and even public gatherings will be closed or canceled until new notice. So every person’s life including autistic childrens lives are highly affected and schedules have been greatly modified.

Today we want to share with you a few tips that will help you explain the current situation to your child, as well as handling it in the best possible way to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Here’s what you can do:

-Take Care of Yourself: 

Remember, the first thing in providing safety to others is to feel safe ourselves. Stay in peace, remain calm, and keep in mind that just like in planes, in this situation, you are supposed to aid yourself first, before helping children.

-Explain The Situation: 

Even if your child is non-verbal, they know when something is up and can sense changes in their routines, especially if they stop going to school or to the park. Explain what is going on and remind them that you are staying home to stay safe. The following visuals can help children understand the covid-19 situation better. To download it click here.

Establish New Routines: 

Autistic children thrive in routines. Knowing what is ahead provides them with certainty and somehow peace, therefore it is essential to keep their schedules as normal as possible. Creating a visual schedule to follow up during quarantine is a great way to provide certainty.

The following visual is a great example of how to do it!



 -Have Fun: 

Staying at home does not have to be boring at all. Here is a list of activities that you can do with your child while being at home:

    • Do a treasure hunt in your backyard
    • Bake sugar-free, gluten-free cookies 
    • Make a bunker in the living room
    • Watch a movie
    • Read your child a book 
    • Do a weighted stuffed teddy


Remember, although this is a time of concern, you do not need to panic. With the right preventive measures and care you and everyone you care about will be okay. Take this time as an opportunity to enjoy your children and strengthening your relationship with them. 

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