Helping a Sensory-Seeking Child When You Can’t Afford Therapy

Sensory seeking behaviors can be a common threat for children with autism. Up to 70–96 percent of them have some difficulties with sensory processing. 

Sensory processing disorders can manifest as a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses. It can manifest in the form of difficulty to process and act upon information received through senses (via sounds, sights, movement, touch, smell, and taste). It may cause difficulty with gross motor skills, creating a clumsy walking or frequent tripping.

We understand that sensory processing therapies can be expensive, so today, we want to help you implement some ideas that can be beneficial for your child. These ideas are not a replacement for the therapies, however, they can be really helpful and easy to implement on your daily routine. 

Tips for Sensory Seeking Kids At HOME:

  • Buy a weighted sensory blanket.
  • Use a weighted lap pad. 
  • Use a finger spinner.
  • Give your child an MP3 Player – great for road trips.
  • Buy noise-canceling earplugs.
  • Install a hanging seat or swings indoors.
  • Buy a small indoor trampoline.
  • Buy resistance items like dumbbells or bands.
  • Invest in a good outdoor playset or build your own!
  • Have a sandbox. (You can fill it with beans or rice)
  • Have an art cabinet with items such as playdough, paint, art sand, etc.
  • Consider installing a cable zip line.
  • Consider investing in a pool – even if it’s a small one!
  • Invest in occasional classes such as swimming lessons, horseback riding, or tumbling.
  • Make a “sandwich” out of your child by putting him/her between two pillows and gently smooshing them.
  • Have wheelbarrow races where you hold their feet, and they walk on their hands.
  • Have Squeezy objects, like a stress ball, in the car.
  • Give your child a container of washable paint in the bathtub.
  • Pull a weighted wagon. (load it with dirt, firewood, or other kids!)


Remember, these options do not replace sensory therapies, however, they can make a huge difference and impact on your child’s processing abilities. 

Have you tried any of these? Which one worked best for you? Share it with us!

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 Remember, you are not alone!