Stem Cell Therapy For Immune System Improvement in Autism

The body’s immune system is the front-line defense against bacterial infections and viral invaders like Covid-19. However, in autism, the immune system is affected by a broad range of factors and conditions that may make it less than effective in fighting off attackers. 

Today we will analyze ways to achieve immune system improvement, including (of course) stem cell therapy.

Understanding The Immune System 

The immune system is a conjunction of cells and organs, that are in charge of protecting the body from possible invaders such as bacterias, viruses, fungi, and even parasites that can cause infections or diseases.

When it works correctly it fights off infections and keeps your body strong and healthy. However, when the immune system becomes compromised, it leased its ability to protect us, enabling germs and viruses to cause disease more easily.

Factors That Weaken The Immune System in Autism

There are a number of factors that can affect the autistic immune system, making it more vulnerable to disease.

  • Poor nutrition
  • Not getting enough movement
  • Weight issues
  • Not getting enough (or good quality) sleep
  • High levels of stress and/or anxiety
  • Not taking specific steps to limit exposure to viruses and other pathogens

In autistic conditions, one of the biggest immune-compromising factors is inflammation. Strong inflammation states are associated with spectrum disorders, and this inflammatory condition is often linked to immune system dysfunction.

Improving Immune System Functionality at Home

The following tips will help you improve your children’s immune system naturally at home:

Essential Oils

Essential oils are incredible to prevent disease naturally. During the cold/respiratory disease season, they can be really helpful to improve your child´s condition.

Among the best essential oils for immune system boosting you can find “Defender” to boost the immune system, “Germ Destroyer” if your child starts to show symptoms of illness, and “Sniffle Stopper” to help with congestion. We also recommend Oregano, Tea Tree Oil, and Frankincense.

To find all about Essential Oils For Autism, click here.  

Cod Liver Oil 

Cod liver oil is a great way to prevent illness thanks to its immune-boosting properties. Cod liver oil is packed with vitamin D, vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acid which makes it the perfect supplement for ASD children.

To make it easier for children to take, we highly encourage you to mix it in smoothies or orange juice.

Colloidal Silver

Silver has been used for decades to prevent diseases due to its antimicrobial agents. Recent studies have discovered that it is effective against aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms, therefore it is powerful to support the immune system.

 It’s important to look for true colloidal silver and never use it for more than 14 days at a time. You can use it on the skin for cuts and wounds, or place a few drops under the tongue or in a beverage like juice.


A healthy body, and especially a healthy immune system, starts in the gut. 

Probiotics are “good” bacteria touted to help maintain digestive health and boost the immune system. For children on the spectrum, probiotics are key to enhancing their gut health and improve not only their immune system but their digestion. 

Sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, regular or dairy-free yogurt, fermented jam, fermented ketchup, or any other cultured foods are great dietary sources of probiotics. 

Detox Baths

Detox baths are great to boost the immune system with minerals while removing unnecessary bacterias. Epsom salts, baking soda, and essential oils are the key ingredients, but you can also use things like bentonite clay and herbal teas. 

Stem Cell Therapy For Immune System Improvement

In autism, stem cell therapy is mainly geared to address issues with the immune system, the neurologic system, and the gastrointestinal system.

Stem cells can regulate the immune function by secreting specific cytokines (cytokines are substances that allow cells to communicate with other cells) which regulate the expression of inflammatory substances and downregulate the immune system. Thus, representing an improved immune response and overall better health.

Keep in mind that supporting your child’s health should be a 360º approach and boosting his/her immune system is equally as important as supporting his/her overall development.

We consider, that these measures, are just another tool in your arsenal and they should be used along with a gluten/dairy/soy-free diet, right supplementation, and overall proper medical advice and supervision. 

At WSCC, we offer support for autistic families and their children with Stem Cell Therapy treatments that can transform autistic conditions by healing the gut, decreasing inflammation, and improving brain function. We also created an autistic community on Facebook that is destined to offer support and companionship for ASD parents and their families on their journey.

Autistic people face challenges, that most people will never experience, in unsuitable education styles, inadequate facilities, and even lack of support from society. Let’s build a better world where inclusion, awareness, empathy, and opportunities are given to all individuals equally. Our Autistic children have many things to say, let’s make their voices louder for all of the world to hear!

At WSCC, we honor Autism Awareness Month with an incredible special!


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