Stress-free Holiday Tips for ASD Parents

A few ideas to avoid some common holiday stress triggers

While the holiday season is filled with joy for some people, it can be significantly challenging for those raising a child with Autism. Today, we want to share a couple of tips that can help to make your holidays more relaxing and fun!

Tips for Holiday traveling

  • Pack your child’s favorite toys: Dont give him all the toys at once, but one by one so he can stay entertained longer.
  • Practice packing with him: Seeing his stuffed packed can be overwhelming, so practice a few days prior so he can be ready when the trip comes.
  • Talk with him about the trip: If he hasnt been on a road trip or plane yet, show him pictures of it so he can be familiar with it.

Tips for Holiday meals

  • Take healthy snacks with you: Christmas involves lots of sugar and candy, so be prepared for it and pack healthy snacks so your child has always some healthy treat on the reach.
  • Advice family members: Talk with your family about your childs diet restrictions so they dont offer him things he is not allowed to eat. Also, if there are more children around, let them know about it too.
  • Plan ahead: Serve your child a plate filled with his favorite (diet friendly) meals. Even if it doesnt look at all like a typical Christmas meal, keep in mind that the important thing is that he is happy eating what he can enjoy! 

Tips to avoid ASD sensory overload

  • Decorate your house slowly and with moderation: Remember that an excess of lights and flashy stuff can be overwhelming, so we recommend you to add things little by little so he can get used to it.
  • Bring headphones: Parties can be really loud, especially with children around, so we highly encourage you to bring a pair of sound-blocking headphones to keep him from feeling stressed.
  • Make a family album: Family trips can be overwhelming for anyone, now take this to the level of an ASD child. To avoid him from feeling anxious with so many new faces, we recommend you to make a family album with the names and pictures of the people that will be in the celebration. Show it to your child with anticipation so he can get familiar with the new faces.

Tips for a better and more relaxed you

  • Ask for help: If you are feeling tired, let a family member know so they can help you! Many times we are so used to handle everything ourselves that we forget that its okay to ask for help sometimes.
  • Get some self-time: If you are feeling anxious or tired, drink a cup of tea, call a friend, or do something that can make you feel better. Even a 15-minute walk can make the difference when feeling stressed.
  • Have grace for yourself: As a parent (especially ASD parent) you are used to putting everyones needs before yours, we get this. But at the same time, it is important that you take care of yourself too! Remember, your child needs you to be at your best, so have some grace for yourself and do something to love yourself too! A mani appointment, a coffee with a friend, or even a flower bouquet can make a huge difference in your mood!
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