Traveling to Mexico with ASD Children

Because traveling with children doesn’t have to be hard.

Family travel isn’t quite as spontaneous as traveling when you’re young and free of responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be stressful. With a little bit of forward planning and these top tips to remember, taking a trip with your children will be a piece of cake. If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off on a long-haul flight to Mexico, these are our tips for traveling to Mexico with children.

#1 Make sure you have all the proper documentation

Start off the process on the right foot by making sure that every family member’s passport has a validity of at least six more months. Make a copy of every important travel document, scan them and send them to your email account. In that same mail, copy the contact information of your consulate in case you need anything. If you’re traveling as a single parent, remember that you must not only provide a valid passport for children under 18 years of age but also a notarized authorization signed by both parents or by the one not traveling with the minor-granting their permission to enter/exit the country. The letter must also be translated into Spanish.

  #2 Pack the essentials

Traveling to Mexico with ASD toddlers? If they’re still in the potty-training stage, putting them in pull-ups and packing a few extra is the easiest way to deal with any accidents they may have on the flight. Bearing this in mind, baby wipes are indispensable! They’re perfect for cleaning sticky hands, wiping toilet seats and much more – pack some in your hand luggage and a few extra in your checked luggage.
To keep your kids occupied, a phone or iPad will provide most of the entertainment you need! Make sure you have downloaded plenty of games, books, and apps before your flight and your kids will be happy to spend the duration of the flight playing.

 #3 Choose the right excursions

Pirates, sea turtles, whale sharks, whale watching and even zip-lining through jungle canopy. There are literally thousands of tours and activities in Mexico, and most are guaranteed fun for the entire family.
For adventurous kids, a day spent at Ventura Park amusement and water park in Cancun is the stuff of dreams! Younger children can enjoy the kids’ park which has an exclusive pool for children, plus a selection of smaller slides. Older kids can tackle scarier rides, including the double space bowl which features an adrenaline-pumping 50-foot drop into a 10-foot pool!
Introduce your kids to some Mexican history at Chichén Itzá. These famous Mayan ruins offer a peek into the ancient past of the country and they have been named one of the new seven wonders of the world. Show your kids a little slice of history and encourage them to draw or write about their experiences as a keepsake for their future selves.

 #4 Get ready for warm weather and sunny days

Mexico is a hot country. During the day in August, temperatures can reach highs of 33°C (91.4°F), so ensuring that your children are comfortable is crucial. Choose quick drying clothes and light, airy shoes, such as sandals or crocs, for daytime wear.
Make sure your kids are completely protected from the sun. Periodically apply sunscreens with an FPS of at least 30, especially around the midday hours when the sunshine is the strongest. And remember, this is important even when it’s cloudy and there is no direct sunlight

#5 Stay Hydrated

More sunshine and more activities mean a greater chance of becoming dehydrated, and this is true for Young and old alike. Make sure you are always carrying around sufficient bottled water for whatever activity you are enjoying, and always ensure that the little ones are compensating for the change in environment. Please keep in mind that the water from the faucet is potable but should not be drunk. It’s okay to brush your teeth, but for drinking water always make sure it’s bottled.

6.- Taco Time

Mexican cuisine is an essential part of our national identity. We can’t live without it and are proud to share it with anyone and everyone willing to savor our delicious gastronomic heritage. And while we have a well-earned reputation for eating spicy foods, you and your kids will be able to explore the explosion of colors and flavors that is Mexican food without having to learn that famous phrase in Spanish, “pica mucho” (it’s too spicy!). Get ready to enjoy lots of delicious savory dishes such as tacos, tamales, pozole and lots of guac and chips (make sure to try horchata water and flan).

Most restaurants not only have children’s menus, highchairs, and crayons for drawing, but some are even equipped with play stations and toys areas. If your child is on a Keto diet you can ask your waitress and they will make the proper changes to offer you something suitable.

7.- Relax

Try to practice controlling your patience and concentrating on what’s important. It’s easy to fall into that pattern of always saying “No, no, no” to our children, especially when we’re abroad and are in an unfamiliar place. Nevertheless, let go and try new things. Get out of your comfort zone and discover that youthful joy of experiencing travel with the same emotion, awe, and inspiration that you did when you were a child. Explore, investigate, ask questions, but above all, enjoy your Mexico family vacations as they are meant to be: a time of positive fun and happy family bonding!

Welcome to Mexico and Happy Travels!

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