Trick or Treat: Dealing with Halloween as an ASD Parent

For those raising a child within the autism spectrum, holidays can be a really threatening season. All the lights, sounds, and overstimulation can be overwhelming and challenging for both parents and children.

But even when you are raising a child within the spectrum you don’t have to miss all the fun. Today we want to make your Halloween less scary by sharing with you a couple tips by TACA organization that can be a game changer for you and your child!

Halloween tips for ASD Parents by TACA

1. Plan Ahead: Explain to your children about this festivity and all that it comes with it. Visit the houses with anticipation during your evening walk and mention it to your children. Communicate to him that the street will be filled with other children but that it will be fun.

2. Get familiar: If this is the first time that you go trick or treating with your child try to make it as familiar as possible, the goal is to communicate a less scary, family-friendly experience. Watching movies that include trick or treat scenes with children in a positive environment is a great way to get your child involved, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” or “Casper” are great choices to start with.

3. Choose the right costume: The right outfit can be a game changer for your child. Avoid masks and ghosty costumes that block air and can be overwhelming. Pick something simple and overall comfortable. We highly recommend you to try it on before to avoid tight, uncomfortable situations.

4. Create a route: Think about the houses that have easy access and not frightening decorations. Create a little map for your child and make it visual, this way you can check mark the houses you visited already. You can practice a couple of nights before Halloween to help your child get familiar with the experience, and offering him a small healthy treat afterward to make the experience even more organized and rewarding.

5. Deliver acceptable treats: After you have visited the houses that are the best for your child, you can arrange things with your neighbors providing them suitable/healthy snacks. This way he won’t be feeling left out and he will enjoy the party without experiencing tummy issues later.

6. Good vibes only: Surround yourself with familiar faces and people that your child already knows and loves. Remember that this experience is all about having fun and playing with friends! If you have the opportunity, you can invite children to come over a couple of days prior to Halloween to practice and get your child ready and excited. A little practice, even a 20 min. one can make the whole difference.

7. Have fun: Keep in mind that you are doing all this to have a good time with your child, so enjoy. Remember that you are doing an incredible job as a parent and that you are building amazing memories that will stick with your family forever! So get pass over the fear of making a mistake with your child and be present in this beautiful journey called life.

At World Stem Cell Clinic, we believe that that having an informed parent –in an effort to empower him and his family– is the only way to for us to deliver optimal healthcare. Visit our website to find out more about our services and let us be part of your journey. You are not alone!


Trick or TREAT!