Valentine‘s | Date Night Ideas For Parents on The Specrum

For many couples, Valentine’s day represents fancy dinners, gifts, and even romantic getaways. However, for parents, especially on the spectrum, it can be hard to find a moment to relax and to enjoy themselves without worrying about the children.

Most ASD parents recall difficulty finding baby sitters, which is another factor why going out can be challenging. So for those parents finding it hard to have one-on-one moments, here are some great date night at home ideas that will have you feel like you are out relaxing on a child-free night anyways!

Date Night at Home Ideas 

Have a Fancy Meal Together 

As a parent is easy to end up eating your children’s leftovers, or simply adapting to eating what your children like. So taking a moment to have a grown-up meal can be an amazing way to celebrate.

Bust out your fine china and your fancy glassware, and treat yourself to a delicious, and romantic dinner, that will feel like you are dining out.  Put a table cloth down, and some candles and fresh-cut flowers — the only thing that will be missing is the big bill at the end of the night!  

Mini Spa Date at Home 

Take a mini-lesson on YouTube and learn a few techniques to give massages, then take turns to have his and hers massages. Massages are beneficial in so many ways — they are great to ease muscle pain, soothe anxiety and depression, improves sleep, boosts immunity, relieve headaches, and can increase circulation in your body.  Find some baby oil or a relaxing scented essential oil and really create a relaxing and enjoyable experience!

Enjoy a Moment Out

We know that now most places are closed, but by the moment out we refer literally to your backyard. Take the baby monitor and enjoy a little outside moment with a nice glass of wine or with a cup of coffee. You don’t need to prepare anything fancy, just use the time to simply chat or relax together and enjoy each other’s company without crazy children running around or crying in your ears.

Dinner Al Fresco 

Al Fresco is the Italian for “in the cool air”. Having dinner in a different setting can make us feel like we are actually eating out. So if you have the possibility, simply bring a table out to your backyard or porch and enjoy your meal under the stars.

We also recommend you bring out the baby monitor to make sure your children are sleeping well.

Recreate Your First Date 

For many couples, this won’t be possible but you can still try. You can watch the first movie that you watched together while dating, or order at the same restaurant where you had your first date, or even play that old playlist that he dedicated to you when you first met. The goal is to reconnect to that beautiful “dating” feeling and enjoy yourselves! 

How are you celebrating this Valentine’s? Share it in the comment section! 

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 Remember, you are not alone!