How To Modify Chores for ASD Children

It is normal for most parents to overlook the importance of children’s help in the house chores, especially in ASD children. However, having your child contribute to the house duties can be a great way to increase their self-confidence, independence, and sense of community.

ASD children can be great helpers when given the right tasks! Below we will share some suggestions on engaging with your child on daily chores, that will strengthen your bond with your child as well as their sense of accomplishment. 

Household Chores For Autism

1.- Feeding the Pets: Besides the multiple benefits that animals can provide for children in the spectrum, feeding the pet is a great way to help your child bond and feel responsible for somebody else. We recommend you to mark the containers with a line that indicates the food/water level that they are supposed to fill in. Make sure that the puppy/cat is away so your child is free to move around. To find all the benefits of pets for ASD child click here. 

2.- Watering Plants: Almost every child enjoys playing around with water or being around activities that include it.  For high functioning children, this can be a great way to feel independent and at the same time spend some time outside the house. To ease this activity we recommend you to put a little flag on the plants that they are supposed to water and give them a container with a mark on how much water they are supposed to deposit. 

3.- Separating Laundry: You can start by having them help organize their own laundry, for example, separating clothes by color, or by type. Later on, you can add images to their clothes drawer to help them identify where to deposit each piece.
This can take a little time to remember, but with patience and visual help, your child will learn it in no time.

4.- Helping To Empty The Dish Washer: After removing sharp things, or really breakable stuff, helping to sort utensils can be really fun. You can first ask them to pass you the spoons, and slowly move on to different (non-sharp) items.  Remember, the key is to build confidence and trust, and with a little time, your child will manage this.

5.- Putting Away Their Toys: Having your child help to pick up their toys after he/she has played with them can be a great way to give them a routine that they can follow up. To ease the task we recommend you to establish play time, and a specific time to pick up toys, for example before dinner. Giving them a reachable place where they can deposit their toys will help them feel self-sufficient and accomplished on a daily basis.

Additional Tips* 

-Reward your child after he/she is done helping. Giving them a sticker is great to do this.
Use visuals to help them relate spaces with things. This can be very helpful with the toy storage and the clothes deposit.
-Do not redo your child’s task in from of them. This decreases their confidence and affects their motivation.

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